Welcome to Markojärvi's Holiday Cottages!

When you want to relax in the beautiful countryside of Central Finland, come to Markojärvi's Holiday Cottages. Here you can fish, hunt, pick berries or mushrooms, ski, swim and have good time. It is possible to hunt rabbits in the autumn. A guide and a dog can be arranged, if needed.

Markojärvi's Holiday Cottages are located in the northern Central Finland, in Kinnula. The cottages are situated on the lakesides of Kivijärvi and Markojärvi. We have three high quality cottages built shortly after 1990: Tuulenhovi (The palace of wind), Tuulenpesä (The nest in the wind) and Tuulensuu (The mouth of the wind). In addition, the farm can accommodate 4-6 persons.

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